Ann Niu

Ann Niu, a native of Shanghai, has studied calligraphy and seal cutting since childhood. She went to Japan to study at the prestigious Musashino Fine Art University. After graduation, she started working in art and design then spent some time in Korea. As she moved to the USA, she started to focus exclusively on her art.
Ann Niu’ s painting reflects her personal feelings, the influence of diverse cultures and artistic forms that shaped her personality while living abroad. Her spirits first natured by Chinese traditions and calligraphy then by Japanese aesthetics unleashed her emotions on the canvas with long, sinuous strokes revealing single or entangled aesthetic forms often expressed in Asian culture.In her series on silhouette, Ann Niu wishes to echo the complexity of relationships and contradictory feelings of people in their urban lives. She uses sparkling and fashionable colors to achieve a striking visual effect enhanced by graceful calligraphic lines, which in her artistic language speak about the fragility but resilience of human nature.
Ann Niu’ s works have been exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, France, the Netherlands, Australia and collected by the Singapore National Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, HSBC Private Bank and private collectors worldwide.